Monday, October 7, 2019

Are psychics fake?

This question makes me giggle. Why? Well, lets look at it from the perspective of God. To this very day, people are still asking that question, "is God real?"
Now my own belief is that God is in fact real, but I can also reflect on other folks views. Most of the people are either agnostic, or frightened of being tricked. One of the other beliefs that causes this on going force of cause is scientific proof of doubt, and its very powerful.
But, the clash of these two is only based on Ego.
Now, how about psychics, why would people call them fake? The same theory applies to the God belief, but its easier to dismiss the claim of the psychic. as the truth faster because it does not have the same foundation as that of other belief systems. In the American culture alone the psychic industry was potentially created on a lie. Two daughters in NY state pretended to talk to the dead or get psychic answers using the snapping of the toe knuckle.

But, does that mean psychics on the whole are fake, or does that mean that doubters have a larger voice, al be it less representative than the majority of the public at large?
I would suggest that lies, or fakes are part of our society, and as a whole, its a human issue at all levels. Lies have been around since man kind was created.

But, it does not prove that psychics are fake. It does show us to use caution, but in many circumstances, psychics have proven to be authentic for the majority of psyhics out there.

There are those who have a powerful reason to disbelieve psychics, and can be vehemently vicious towards them through the public eye. But, that is sadly a critical and severe prejudice towards the industry on the whole, and unfairly as well.  Perhaps the motivation towards this is based on the money that is unfairly taken in the victims eyes, but, why would people through millions of dollars into a wishing well each year, or give money to the church weekly out of kindness? Isnt the connection to god through the bible?

We can find what we want for facts to prove fake or true if we want. The problem that is faced the most often is, who is listening, and what are they listening too?

Friday, September 13, 2019

Psychic Catastrophe

Yes we are in fact heading for one. In this century 2010 and forward, we are self witnessing the events leading to a change that could make Mars seem like a reflection in the global mirror. Our lack of awareness is not a fault of our own doing, it is an ignorance gifted to us by intellectual force. We are the slaves of love to a culture that is built around us, and it is wrapping its loving arms above and below our eyes. We are eyes wide open in innocence to a civilized death. A change that we welcome without questioning the intent or our fate.

Amazing things are happening though.  We are on the precipice of change, but not by the wisdom of our forefathers, yet by the ignorance of our common sense-gifted children. Our younglings are looking at us as adults who are playing a world wide seductive game of king of the hill with a deadly twist of "no winner allowed", hence, learning to play tick tack toe without seeing the truth of the zero sum ending.

If we allow ourselves to continue with our current lifestyles, we lose what we thought would be for our children, and they sit on our trash claiming victory over nothing.

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Greta Thunberg Climate Change

Greta Thunberg is a fearless, badass warrior working to ...

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

If you have some time.....listen to this video from Simon Parkes

In all the you-tube videos I have come across, I have found a few people that bring information about extra-ordinary life events to a new level. Simon Parkes is one of those people. A second person is Kerry Cassidy. More and more information about what is going on around us is coming to light. I would recommend listening to this video, and see if any of the information rings true to you, or you make a connection to the information.

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Finding your psychic

Now that's a tricky one. I will first blatantly say my website here for the purpose of being found, but, yes, psychics can move around to different listing sites and it can be tricky to find the one you want. Sometimes the sites have a great layout and the one you are looking for can be found, other times, the site has limited usability or poor search design.

More and more psychic directories pop up each year, and many psychics who are paying close attention will flock to the new site hoping for more clients. But, the work that is done behind the scenes usually shows itself shortly after, when calls either start coming in, or the digital imprint is dead in the water. does get a good amount of traffic, so many psychics have joined with it, but, there are other sites that do good as well. But you can also take into account that there is market competition growing in the field of psychic services. Its true! I have been reading other blogs and comments that there is an increase in search for psychics, and a decrease in availability for therapists. I wonder if that is because the cost of each is vastly different.

In the very near future, you will see even more psychic websites come up, and perhaps your personal favorite will be easily found.

keep one thing in mind though, and this is important for your psychic. They prefer if your calls come from their personal website. If your preferred psychic does not have one, or has one, but its not that good, suggest that they make it easier for them to be found by a great, easy to use, and easy to find site.

Friday, July 26, 2019

Its a new Dawn

In most cases you will hear the old saying "its a new day" and so you feel like it will be better than yesterday. But, it actually is starting to become the truth. But the awakening process, or awareness is a slow process. It can take generations. Back in the early 1900's and even before, there was the usual daily routine. But opportunity would vary each decade. People for the most part did not know about the things happening far off in distant states such as the mid west. Even some local places such as Florida or Maryland. Due to the educational levels, and banking systems evolving in very unknown ways, the locals did not know about anything other than doing daily business.
But, there were always "stories" that were too fantastic to accept, so were placed into the fantasy category of the story tellers who shared their truths. These story tellers were in fact more awake, or aware of the possibilities then most.
Moving forward, world wide, some random experiences began to take place that could not be controlled by those in wealth and power. The awareness begins to grow, but now, its in a new direction. These story tellers are growing in numbers, and they independently share many of these same experiences. This creates cohesion in the eyes of the public. They no longer brush off these fantasies, but begin to spread the word. This is not good for the people in power and wealth. The awareness of our world is now literally on the verge of "a new day" because we are now looking to the skies in expectation, and less in wonderment. What the powerful already know, and wish to control is seeping out of this invisible information dam. It cannot be repaired, and the dam will break. But because we as a growing Earth born alien astronauts, and indigenous Homosapien sapien have absorbed the leaked information, we are now waiting for the rest to be released, and, as we are all incredibly strong in physical and spiritual adaptation, we are aware that what may come will shove us into the cosmos faster than the speed of light.
So, yes, it is a new dawn for humans, and within one or two generations, we will be reflecting upon Carl Sagan's views that there is so much more out there, and we are part of it.

Certified, authenticated, tested?

Okay, these are good ones!
Certified is not what you think it might be. Although this seems like it, it is not the same as a license. The best reference is with the medical field, although there are many other fields in which certifications are used, and legit. But for this purpose, lets discuss CPR which is used for emergencies when people are having a heart attack. You can get certified in CPR, but it does not mean you are licensed. It means you took a course that is federal and/or state approved, and have show the ability to perform this task. However, there is no insurance required after you get certified. It is required to "renew" the certificate, and you are not subject to any legal prosecution for incorrectly performing your certified job.
When it comes to being Authenticated, there are some state registered schools that offer graduate courses in the metaphysical arts, but before you advertise yourself as a graduate, be sure to note if your school has a current and legally accredited status, you have to do the research. This applies internationally, not just to one country. Most Governments do not have an accredited school that offers a graduate program in the metaphysics.

This is a way to prove that a person (or psychic) is in fact what they claim. Certain scientific tests with controlled environments that provide conclusive proof that a person is in fact able to perform a task within certain pre-approved systematic perimeters. In these cases, psychics will go through these parameters to receive authenticity so they can then use this honourable distinction for advertising specifics about their skill sets. Which provides clients with a sense of trust, which being authenticated provides.

Also note worthy is when it comes to being Authenticated, there are some state registered schools that offer graduate courses in the metaphysical arts, but before you advertise yourself as a graduate, be sure to note if your school has a current and legally accredited status, you have to do the research. This applies internationally, not just to one country. Most Governments do not have an accredited school that offers a graduate program in the metaphysics.

Being tested is one of the more common terms that people in the metaphysical world seek to show. How ever, this can be tricky. Since being tested is a very generic term, the question of who performed the testing is huge. If the test provider has a strong name in their portfolio, then the testing procedure is considered to be of quality, and procedurally acceptable. Being authenticated or certified are two ways to be tested, another is through a website that offers testing specific to scientific standards recognized by standardization's that are considered a social minimal norm. Once these tests are completed with a passing grade, then the applicant is able to use this as a reference to their skill sets, but be ware, if they claim to be tested, but do not offer any information on who provided this test, then it is very possible they are less than authentic. Scam artists are an epidemic in all walks of life.

Psychic Vs Medium

Psychics get messages in various ways, not all psychics are alike. They communicate their messages to the client. These messages are about their clients lives, loved one's lives, or situations that need to be discussed. Past, present and future messages are possible, but tend to be difficult to specify in all readings. If there are very specific details provided then these psychics may be "evidential" meaning that their gift/training has been taken to the next level, and they can decipher the messages into very specific images, with great detail. This provides clarity, and strong proof of the psychic connection.

Mediums actually communicate with souls that have passed on. In some cases though, these souls might not be dead, but then we change the modus operandi to "telepathy". Mediums can, in some cases allow the spirit to enter their body and in a "sense" share the senses with the visiting spirit or soul. How ever this can be dangerous. Mediums do have psychic abilities as well. As for why not all psychics are mediums is not fully understood, but there are theories regarding this.

Will I get rich?

Its one of the most common questions I get. But its important to ask. Not because the answer might be simple as a yes or no, but because these people are very concerned about their well being.
The answer is never a yes or no "for sure", but it is a very powerful positive possibility. So, why is the answer so vague? Because the idea or ideology of wealth is based on different solutions. First-get rich fast, and second, get rich through design. Third is the ongoing unresolved fantasy of getting rich, perpetuated by TV and internet.
Most people who get rich start early in life, and are supported by design. The question for them is not "when will I get rich?" but "how do I make my work work for me?"
In the latter, its about investing in yourself. Now I am not a financial advisor, but after so many readings it is clear that most people have no idea about investing in themselves. But this is part of the path to self enrichment and leads to success.
There are lots of "loss leads" that people follow. Get rich quick schemes are a huge part of the problem of loss leads. They make you think you can get wealthy with their plan, but there is always something being left out of the equation. In most cases, it is the effort, or local legal processes that you simply are not aware of. So, when people ask me if they will get rich, the answer is in the design or if you play the lottery. Most do not get rich, but they want to be. Those who create a plan and follow it, tend to see benefits quite quickly.

Sunday, July 14, 2019

The big picture

Do you see it? No? Well, soon you, and others will. Its in the news, on the radio, and all over the web. But don't worry, most of us ignore it. Why? Good question! The answer....because its not entertaining. Did you know that most people do not know about what is happening in the town next to them? Unless its a massive construction for a new Mall, or a new Prison, its just not worthy of interest. But, this is changing.
Want to know why? Its simple! The same thing is happening all over the world. Most people think things are getting really strange now, and they are right! Politics, corporations, exponentially increased sizes of organized mobs or gatherings. Medicine changing in its approach. Its all shifting.
What is getting worse, is that the people, or perpetrators do not want people to see what is happening. Getting upset, is one thing, its quiet, less actionable, and very little attention. But...........................................................AWARENESS! That's what is helping us! That is what you will see very soon. Awareness of what is going on. Its like a new life form is starting to seed itself within our selves. It cannot be stopped, but, it can be wonderfully effective in helping you to see further into the world around you. This way you can do something that is different, new, and exciting. You can make choices on things like truth, options that were never known before, and ways to secure you, and your family's future. Awareness also increases your brains capacity!

There is a huge issue about seeing what is happening all around you daily. But soon, generations of people will see much farther than they do today.